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Burstable vs non-burstable AWS instance types for data engineering workloads

There are many instance types to choose from on AWS. In this post, we’ll look at one choice you can make—burstable vs non-burstable instances—and show how the “cheaper” burstable option can end up being more expensive for data engineering workloads.


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Handling Unexpected AWS IAM Changes

The cloud is tricky! You might think the rules that determine which IAM permissions are required for which actions will continue to apply in the same way. You might think they’d apply the same way to different AWS accounts. Or that if these things aren’t true, at least AWS will let you know. (I did.) You’d be wrong!

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AWS Cost Explorer Tips and Tricks

Spending time in AWS Cost Explorer is one of the best ways to understand what’s going on in your AWS account. It’s one of the few places in the AWS Console where you can get a global view of your account or even of your entire organization.


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