Posts by James Bourbeau

Schedule Python Jobs with Prefect and Coiled

We show how to deploy Prefect workflows on the cloud with Coiled.

Workflow running in Coiled UI.

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Processing Terabyte-Scale NASA Cloud Datasets with Coiled

We show how to run existing NASA data workflows on the cloud, in parallel, with minimal code changes using Coiled. We also discuss cost optimization.

Comparing cost and duration between running the same workflow locally on a laptop, running on AWS, and running with cost optimizations on AWS.

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Parallel Serverless Functions at Scale

The cloud offers amazing scale, but it can be difficult for Python data developers to use. This post walks through how to use Coiled Functions to run your existing code in parallel on the cloud with minimal code changes.

Comparing code runtime between a laptop, single cloud VM, and multiple cloud VMs in parallel

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Data-proximate Computing with Coiled Functions

Coiled Functions make it easy to improve performance and reduce costs by moving your computations next to your cloud data.


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Coiled notebooks

We recently pushed out a new, experimental notebooks feature for easily launching Jupyter servers in the cloud from your local machine. We’re excited about Coiled notebooks because they:

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Distributed printing

Dask makes it easy to print whether you’re running code locally on your laptop, or remotely on a cluster in the cloud.


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Upstream testing in Dask

Dask has deep integrations with other libraries in the PyData ecosystem like NumPy, pandas, Zarr, PyArrow, and more. Part of providing a good experience for Dask users is making sure that Dask continues to work well with this community of libraries as they push out new releases. This post walks through how Dask maintainers proactively ensure Dask continuously works with its surrounding ecosystem.

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